A Walk Through Greenham Common's History

An amazing walk through history and rejuvenated landscape. The walk is just over 2 miles. Starting at the Cold War Control Tower, walkers will take in the memorial, the remains of one of Europe's longest runways, once a taxiway for nuclear bombers, the 'fire plane', the infamous bnkers which once houses 96 cruise missiles and much more. 

£5 fee payable to Greenham Control Tower (registered charity)

Book via Eventbrite at www.thatchamfestival.eventbrite.com

A Thatcham Fesival event: http://www.thatchamtowncouncil.gov.uk/events/thatcham-festival/

Sunday, 18 October 2020 - 11:00am
Event location: 
Greenham Control Tower
Burys Bank Road
Greenham, Thatcham
RG19 8BZ
United Kingdom