The Forum is working to highlight resources for history and heritage groups in Berkshire and further afield. A list of useful resources will be included on the website and regularly updated.

There are a number of War Memorial Projects ongoing in Berkshire and further afield. The Forum is collecting information on the Parish Councils, history societies, parochial commitees and others responsible for the upkeep of War Memorials on behalf of the War Memorials Trust, which has money available to fund repairs.

Other useful websites are listed below.

The War Memorials Trust has notified us of a new project with the SmartWaterFoundation which will see Smartwater crime prevention liquid being offered to all war memorial custodians free of charge in order to deter thieves from targeting the metal on war memorials.

A Historic Environment Action Plan (HEAP) has been drawn up for all those interested in the man-made heritage of West Berkshire.